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Keli Barrett
Keli Barrett is a resident of Newton County, MS. She currently works at East Central Community College and attends Mississippi State University as an undergrad in the Interdisciplinary Studies program. Barrett is the mother of three amazing children,…

Southern Blues
A poem by Keli Barrett.

DeJuanay Huner, Jr.
DeJuanay Hunter Jr. was born and raised in Buffalo, NY. He transferred to Mississippi State University as a sociology major in 2019. He has enjoyed getting to know Mississippi better, though he has found it challenging at times. In his own words, he…

Middle of the Road
A poem by DuJuanay Huner, Jr.

Nate Venarske
Nate Venarske is a student at Mississippi State University majoring in Biological Engineering and minoring in Creative Writing. He is an artist and naturalist who enjoys photographing, drawing, and writing about nature as much as studying it. On the…

The Blessed
A poem by Robert West

What the Moon Wants
A poem by Richard Lyons.

Spoiler Alert
A poem by Michelle Aucoin Wait.

Golden Shovel to the God of Bloodshed
A poem by Jermaine Thompson
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